Oddly. Selected.

History has an Odd way of repeating itself, but what history has not told you is the story of the Odd Force.

         For far too long, gamers have been deprived. Left alone with a burning passion for something many would consider - odd. What we are creating is a community. A community where gamers, fans and haters alike can come together to get truly passionate about the one thing we all love. Gaming.

From weekly podcasts to innovative short films to the latest giveaways, you can expect anything to happen!

We embrace the Oddly Selected. We are Odd Force.

Hosted by:

Raymond Strazdas

Nicholas Avenue

Kenny Korenstein

Maybe you!


Meet the Team.


Odd Force Four started out as an idea at E3 2017. It was in Los Angeles that Raymond Strazdas, Nicholas Avenue and Kenny Korenstein realized the potential of a video game podcast - by gamers, for gamers. We are a passionate group of friends who love gaming and base what we do around the gaming community. What makes us odd, is that we embrace the odd.

Our “Odd Spot”, the fourth seat on our podcast, allows for your favorite game developer, celebrity or even gamer to make an appearance. You never know who will appear! Be sure to follow along for all of the latest!

You can find Odd Force Four wherever podcasts are available.

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